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Roku Dashboard

Roku Dashboard is a desktop app that greatly increases the efficiency of Roku developers.
  • Use with any IDE
  • Easily switch between projects
  • Control your Roku with your keyboard
  • Easy build and deploy
  • One click access to both the debug and scene graph consoles
  • One click screenshot
  • Advanced debugging
  • Roku management
  • Inspect your Roku
  • and the list goes on and on :)

Release 1.5.0

  • Added ability to open projects in file explorer
  • Added build setting to clear console or show visual marker on build/deploy
  • Added right click copy
  • Added ability to enable/disable auto scroll in debug console
  • Added ability to access console when a connection is lost
  • Added ability to manually add a maker in the debug console
  • Profiling
    • One click enable/disable
    • Easy download of profiling file from your Roku
    • Link to docs
    • Link to Roku analysis tool


Laze.Life is a photo app for your TV. With Laze.Life you can upload your own photos, become a photographer on Photographers Corner, share your photos with family/friends from TV to TV or view tens of thousands of our amazing photos.

Marble King

Cardinal Health

Cordova app with native plugins for both IOS and Android


Amazon Echo

I wrote this Amazon Echo app to control my Radio Thermostat

Alien Math

Contact: brian at